The Road Ahead for 2017 8 months ago

Many people have been asking questions of the type “What’s next for the Commodity Ad Network?”

I would like to address this question with a short summary of the tasks that need to be done before the end of the year 2017. I will go month by month.

September 2017

• Software and web portal development process starts.
• Hiring of staff process starts.
• ICO ends on the last day of the month.

October 2017

• All new team members are on-boarded.
• Team leaders are selected.
• Specialist hardware on which our ad network will run is set up.
• We approach multiple exchanges to list the CDX token.

We are not rushing to list the CDX token on exchanges because we first want to have a feasible product that will be interesting to advertisers. Once we have advertisers, it makes sense to list the token on exchanges as there will be actual demand for it. Listing the token too soon bears the risk of extremely volatile price action thanks to pump-and-dump groups operating in the crypto currency space. Such volatility often has the effect that ordinary folks give up their positions because of panic. We don’t want that to happen.

November 2017

• Beta version of software and web portal is ready.
• In-depth security testing of our software makes sure that there are no known vulnerabilities present in the network’s solutions.
• Token is listed on multiple exchanges.
• First content creators and advertisers signed up.

We will be paying out an incentive bonus worth up to $1,000 to early-bird content creators participating in the ad network. But we also need them to allow us to fully test the capabilities of the ad server software. So this is a classic win-win situation.

December 2017

• Live testing of the ad network’s capabilities.
• All network participants required by our business model signed up.
• We are ready for the launch of the ad network on January 1, 2018.

Remember that there will be bi-weekly progress reports published starting September 15. So all of the above is just a summary to give you an overview of the magnitude of the job ahead.