Quarterly Report 2 5 months ago

The Commodity Ad Network has been up and running for five months now and it is fully functional without any security issues.

Network Participants

So far we have received 176 applications from websites (content creators).

Unfortunately, we had to turn down most of our applicants. This was largely because of two reasons. Either the quality of their websites in terms of design and layout was poor. Or the type and quality of their content was not in line with our expectations and preferred niches.

We want the Commodity Ad Network to become the gold standard in advertising in the alt media or independent media niche markets. To achieve that goal, we need to be really picky in who we allow to join the ad network. So far, we have accepted less than one in four applications on average.

However, we always give detailed feedback to the websites that couldn’t become part of our ad network. We let them know exactly where they need to improve their efforts. Most often it is about improving their website security, improving the design and layout of their websites to allow for better monetization, and improving the overall quality of their content. Once they do that, we will be happy to re-evaluate and, eventually, welcome them in the Commodity Ad Network.

On the other hand, our advertisers expect us to do this in-depth preliminary selection as well. They are not interested in putting their brands on low quality websites with unoriginal or highly questionable content. We want to create an ad network that helps everyone — the content creators, the advertisers, as well as the audiences of the alt media and independent media universe.

Here is a list of all the websites that are currently part of the Commodity Ad Network:


All of the above websites are running our ads on their websites.

Please, turn off your ad blockers, visit our content creator websites, and click on our ads to visit our advertisers’ websites as well.

From what we have heard back from these websites, they are very happy to be part of the Commodity Ad Network and none of them have come across any issues whatsoever.

Alt-Media Sentiment

The overall sentiment in our niche markets is very bad. A lot of merchants were forced to close up shop and the remaining ones lack the resources for any meaningful advertisement cooperation. Our hope is that the situation will improve as we foresee a quite large market crash in the near future. It seems that most people only appreciate precious metals, canned food, etc. only when things get ugly.

To make up for the lack of interest in advertising on our alt-media niche websites, we have developed a cross-advertising method for our participating websites. They can promote their own websites and receive traffic via the Commodity Ad Network for free.

The traffic of some of our websites has declined as they got whacked by Google. However, their traffic has improved after joining the Commodity Ad Network.

Ad Network Stats

Currently, our overall audience is about 1.5 million unique visitors a month. We are serving them with about 100,000 ad impressions a day or about 3 million ad impressions a month.

Ultimately, we would like to have at least 300 websites in our ad network. That would raise the number of visitors to about 15 million a month. The more websites and the larger audiences we have, the more advertisers will be interested in putting their ad banners up to our websites.

Search Engine and Social Media Platform

To achieve these goals as soon as possible, we have decided to move up the development of our own search engine and social media platform. We have already begun the development of these platforms. We hope to have a functional beta version ready by the end of the year.

One of the main reasons for developing our own search engine and social media platform is that the largest and most well-known platforms currently in existence are heavily against the narratives published by our participating websites.

For example, Facebook has removed our account without any explanation whatsoever. We were forced to remove our Twitter account as well after it wouldn’t even let us access our account without first accepting a complex set of privacy rules also known as GDPR. Also, we were baffled by Twitter’s recent announcement that all their users’ passwords were stored in a human-readable format in a database.

We originally planned to develop our search engine and social media alternatives beyond 2018. However, given the pace at which the gatekeepers of the online world are clamping down on independent media, we feel that having these platforms ready much sooner will create a lot of synergies that might benefit the Commodity Ad Network.