Quarterly Report 1 9 months ago

The Commodity Ad Network has been up and running for two months now. We have spent a good amount of time making sure that all hardware and software setups are secure and not vulnerable to hacking or otherwise disrupting the functionality of the ad network.

We are still looking for potential security problems within the software as using software that has not been thoroughly tested in the field seems to be the number one issue with tech startups nowadays.

But besides that we can say that the Commodity Ad Network has successfully launched and has moved from its preparatory stage to its startup stage.

Network Participants

We have received 164 applications from websites (content creators) so far.

Unfortunately, we had to turn down most of our applicants. This was largely because of two reasons. Either the quality of their websites in terms of design and layout was poor. Or the type and quality of their content was not in line with our expectations and preferred niches.

We want the Commodity Ad Network to become the gold standard in advertising in the alt media or independent media niche markets. To achieve that goal, we need to be really picky in who we allow to join the ad network. So far, we have accepted only one in four applications on average.

However, we always give detailed feedback to the websites that couldn’t become part of our ad network. We let them know exactly where they need to improve their efforts. Most often it is about improving their website security, improving the design and layout of their websites to allow for better monetization, and improving the overall quality of their content. Once they do that, we will be happy to re-evaluate and, eventually, welcome them in the Commodity Ad Network.

On the other hand, our advertisers expect us to do this in-depth preliminary selection as well. They are not interested in putting their brands on low quality websites with unoriginal or highly questionable content. We want to create an ad network that helps everyone — the content creators, the advertisers, as well as the audiences of the alt media and independent media universe.

Here is a list of the websites that are currently part of the Commodity Ad Network:


All of the above websites are running our ads on their websites.

Please, turn off your ad blockers, visit our content creator websites, and click on our ads to visit our advertisers’ websites as well.

From what we have heard back from these websites, they are very happy to be part of the Commodity Ad Network and none of them have come across any issues whatsoever.

A Steep Learning Curve

When preparing to put together the Commodity Ad Network, we thought that simply providing an alternative to the corrupt giants of internet advertisement will be motivation enough for alt media and independent media websites to join us.

We have learnt that a lot of websites are more than happy to bow down to Google’s requests in ways that we simply did not anticipate. We now know that website owners remove posts and content that Google finds offensive or otherwise unworthy of monetization.

We have also learnt that many website owners will not leave Google’s system. Even though a lot of them openly and aggressively criticize Google’s ideological stances and actions, they are not ready to follow up their criticism with action, i.e. moving away from Google.

Interestingly, it’s not a question of ad revenue either. It much more resembles Stockholm syndrome. To a certain extent, alt media and independent media people are in love with their captors and tyrants. Maybe as these online media giants keep pushing alt media content creators out of their online existence, they will come around and join us.

Nevertheless, the last six months were a huge learning curve for us in terms of understanding the inner mechanics of our niche markets.

The Ad Network’s Dashboard

The dashboard provides an overall look at the current numbers of impressions and clicks, as well as of the day’s revenue for the content creator. It also allows to change the color theme of the dashboard.

CDX Network Dashboard

Content creators can break down their statistics based on the dimensions of an ad banner.

CDX Network Dashboard Chart

And they can see their results in the form of a chart or just a simple table.

CDX Network Dashboard Table

Building a Strong Team

We are in the process of building a strong sales team and customer support team. We need these teams in place to handle our growth as well as our existing customer base. We believe that there’s some excellent talent out there. Young people who are motivated to build an alternative to the mainstream ad networks and who are also in touch with the needs of the alt media and independent media.

Obviously, we are leveraging our ad network to find this talent. We are placing our own ads in the Commodity Ad Network’s system to reach out to these people and this tactic is proving to be a success.

In the upcoming months, we will be focusing our efforts on welcoming more websites into the ad network. We will be reaching out once again to about 2,000 content creators to see whether they are ready to join us now that we have proven that the ad network is a real thing and that it does work.

Of course, we are accepting new websites to our ad network at all times. Website owners are welcome to fill out our application form.

We carefully evaluate each and every application and reply to everyone within 48 hours.

Our Plans for the Future

Currently, our overall audience is about 1.5-2 million unique visitors a month. We are serving them with about 115,000 ad impressions a day or about 3.5 million ad impressions a month.

Ultimately, we would like to have at least 300 websites in our ad network. That would raise the number of visitors to about 15 million a month. The more websites and the larger audiences we have, the more advertisers will be interested in putting their ad banners up to our websites.

To achieve these goals as soon as possible, we have decided to move up the development of our own search engine and social media platform. We will begin the development of these platforms by the end of Q2/2018. We hope to have a functional beta version ready by the end of the year.

We originally planned to develop these alternatives to their mainstream counterparts beyond 2018. However, given the pace at which the gatekeepers of the online world are clamping down on independent media, we feel that having these platforms ready by the end of 2018 will create a lot of synergies that might benefit the Commodity Ad Network.

Final Thoughts

We have come up with the idea of the Commodity Ad Network years ago as a way to save the alt media. Back then we felt that mainstream ad networks, search engines, and social media sites will disallow content that is not aligned with the ideologies of their executives and political allies.

It’s fascinating and disturbing at the same time to see our forecasts come true. But we believe this is just the beginning.

The efforts leading to demonetization was the first step. These efforts will be greatly expanded within the next two years. The new normal will be certain pages not showing up on search engine result pages and certain pages being removed from social media platforms.

What’s still missing from this picture is government agencies using their vast powers to regulate online alt media and independent media. What this will mean in practice is that they will use their regulatory powers to come down hard on anyone outside the approved mainstream media narratives.

All it would take for this to happen is for government agencies to come out with an announcement that if you publish content on your website, social media page, or Youtube channel, then all standard media regulations apply to you as well. In other words, content creators will have to publish content which is fair and balanced, in other words — politically correct.

And if a content creator doesn’t comply, then Google, Facebook, etc. will simply remove their content from the online world. No search results, no Facebook accounts, no Youtube channels, down the memory hole with that misguided content.

We understand that it seems far-fetched to think like this. But we are convinced that these things will happen before the next US presidential election in 2020. There is no way that the powers that be will allow another incident such as the election of President Trump. They will do whatever it takes to shut everyone up and make people vote for their designated candidates.

The Commodity Ad Network will be here, slowly growing and welcoming the outcasts of the mainstream world of fake news. Let’s be patient and let’s give it some time. In 12-18 months, we believe, that the alt media and independent media will be very happy that all this groundwork will have been done already.