Progress Report 6 12 months ago

This is the one but last update on the progress of the Commodity Ad Network.

CDX Token

After launching the CDX token on several exchanges, we are happy to see it on as well:

For some reason, the token is still not showing up on though. Maybe next week…

Just a reminder, the CDX token can be traded at HitBTC, Yobit, CoinExchange, Livecoin, Mercatox, and Etherdelta.

Our Ad Network

We are constantly reaching out to new websites that we feel would be a good fit for our ad network. At the moment we have over 50 websites and we are receiving new applications every day. We are also in discussions with a lot of advertisers.

Our goal is not to build a run-of-the-mill ad network that will slap some advertisement on some websites. Because that’s what almost all other ad networks are doing and that’s also the reason why every other person is now using ad blocking software.

With the junk ads that can be seen everywhere, serious advertisers are cutting back their ad budgets. I don’t blame them. Nobody sane would want to advertise their brands, products, or services right next to this:

And yet, websites are now turning to junk ads like the above because there are no better options out there.

We are carefully selecting both the websites and the advertisers in our ad network. We do this so that we know for a fact that the audiences of these websites share very specific common interests. Then we go after advertisers whose products and services match those exact interests. We are trying to think outside the box as well, so don’t expect just the same old, same old, such as coin dealer ads showing up on blogs about precious metals.

We are explaining to our advertisers that it’s not necessary to track website visitors. You see, it is possible to offer people 100% privacy but it takes a lot more effort on the ad network’s end. You can’t just automatize everything because then you either end up with junk ads or with the hegemony of the most effectively automatized system.

Advertisement is a people-centered business and we need to be mindful of the needs and wants of the people involved. Website visitors want privacy. Websites need traffic and revenue. Advertisers need focused audiences that are likely to purchase their products and services. We believe that we are creating a network that will live up to all these expectations and then some.

Also, we will be advising our websites regarding strategic ad placement and website improvement options, so that they are more accessible for website visitors and even more attractive for advertisers. This is a level of personalized service that is unparalleled in the world of online advertisement.

We believe that while our approach involves a ridiculous amount of work, it will pay off longer term. As the gatekeepers of online content and advertisement shut down access for alt-media websites both to sources of new traffic (such as search engine results) and ad revenue (such as the claim that the website’s content is not suitable for their advertisers), alt-media niche websites will be looking for new ways to publicize and monetize their content.

Our goal is to become the gold standard for alt-media content creators and advertisers.

Software and Hardware

The security testing of our software and hardware is ongoing and should be successfully finished next week.

The live testing of the Commodity Ad Network will be ongoing in early December. After that we will be good to go live.

So as it is, we are right on track to launch our ad network on time as promised on January 1, 2018.