Progress Report 5 1 year ago

These are very exciting days! So many things happening at the same time. Months of hard work finally coming together to create an actual ad network that will serve the alt-media.

Software and Hardware

All our software products have been deployed to the staging servers. Our code is being reviewed and verified by two independent security teams. They should be done by the next progress report which will come out in another two weeks. After that we will deploy everything to the production servers.

CDX Is Now a MyEtherWallet Default Token

If you are using MyEtherWallet, you no longer have to add CDX as a custom token to be able to transfer it.

You can now simply load your CDX token balance within MyEtherWallet by the click of a button:

Loading CDX tokens in MyEtherWallet

CDX Token Listing

The CDX token is currently being listed on several exchanges, most notably:

As of this writing, it has already been listed on HitBTC, Mercatox, and Etherdelta. We will inform our followers on our Twitter channel about the other listings as soon as those exchanges let us know that they have added the CDX token to their platforms.

Ad Network Participants

Several dozen bloggers have already filled out our Content Creator Application Form. We are now in the process of reaching out to prospective advertisers as well.

Please, reach out to your favorite alt-media content creators (websites, bloggers) and urge them to join us. Bloggers tend to listen to their own followers more so than to paid advertisement or mass emails. If each of the 2,000 recipients of this newsletter reached out to just a handful of bloggers, we would be drowning in applications in a week.

Remember, we welcome a variety of websites in our ad network, such as:

  • websites outspoken against the powers that be
  • precious metals research and analysis
  • oil and energy research and analysis
  • forex research and analysis
  • financial commentary and newsletters
  • sound investing
  • prepper and survivalist websites
  • alternative news and media

Let’s help each other bringing together a resistance against the censorship and evilness of the gatekeepers of online information. Thank you in advance!