Progress Report 4 1 year ago

We have taken several big steps towards the successful launch of the Commodity Ad Network.

Hardware and Software

The specialist hardware to serve our ad network has been already setup. The development of our software is being finalized and should be completed in the next few days.

We hope to deploy our software to the servers early next week.

After everything is fully deployed, external teams will start testing the security of the whole setup. This process should be finalized by mid-November.

Network Participants

We are reaching out to hundreds of alt content creator websites. Many of them have already reserved their spots in the ad network by filling out our Content Creator Application Form.

If you know of content creators that you feel should be definitely part of our ad network, please, let us know. Maybe we haven’t heard of them or haven’t reached out to them yet.

CDX Token Listing

We have requested the listing of the CDX token on more than a dozen exchanges. We are not going to specify the exchanges by name, as some exchanges do not appreciate that.

However, as soon as the CDX gets listed on an exchange, we are going to notify our followers on our website. We will also provide a summary of which exchanges accepted the CDX in our upcoming progress reports in November.

It is very exciting to see all these moving parts come together to create an honest ad network that is so direly needed by the alt media community.