Progress Report 3 1 year ago

Since it’s been two weeks since our last progress report, I wanted to do a short update on how is everything coming along in the development of the Commodity Ad Network.

We are hard at work on three of the most important fronts:
1. Creating our ad software solution.
2. Setting up the specialized hardware solution that will provide the ad network with reliable hosting.
3. Getting all the necessary network participants on board (both content creators and advertisers).

We expect to have our software and hardware ready by the end of October.

After that we will have two external teams run extensive security testing of all aspects of our software and hardware setups. The security testing should be done by mid-November.

At the same time, we are reaching out to future network participants and considering a growing number of incoming applications. By mid-November we should have a large percentage of all network participants locked in with us. By early December, we should have most of our contracts with them signed as well.

Once we reach the stage that our software and hardware is ready and we are on track to sign up our content creators and advertisers, we will approach a number of crypto exchanges to include the CDX token in their systems.

By mid-November all of these moving parts should come together and create the basis of what will be known as the Commodity Ad Network.