Progress Report 2 7 months ago

We are moving forward in all areas set out in our Roadmap for 2017.

Software Development

Our Web Portal is coming along nicely.

This is what the login page looks like at the moment:

Commodity Ad Network Login Page

And this is a page from the inside of the portal:

Commodity Ad Network Content Creator Dashboard Page

It seems that we will be able to finish up working on the Web Portal by the end of October.

At the same time, we are also working on a large set of smart contracts that will take care of the payment system within the ad network.


As both these software elements are quite complex, we need to make sure that attackers have no way of breaking into our ad network.

For this reason, we have already selected two independent security teams that will do penetration and functionality testing of all our software and all our smart contracts.

Content Creators and Advertisers

Having the software ready and verified as secure is very important to us. It means that we can reassure all our network participants that the data they enter into our system is safe and that the money they spend or earn cannot be stolen by hackers.

We have received a lot of applications both from content creators and advertisers who have heard about our project during our token sale.

We have also put together a list of more than 1,500 content creators and 500 advertisers that we will be reaching out to in the coming weeks. They are all from the niche markets we are aiming to serve and they all have been impacted by the shenanigans of the largest ad network.

If only a small percentage of these websites choose to give us a chance, then we will have more than enough network participants to start up our business and be profitable right off the bat.

Unsold Tokens

All unsold CDX will be put into an ice-box — a smart contract that will disable their usage in any way.

The smart contract will periodically check the number of ad network participants starting in February 2018. As the network grows beyond its start-up stage, the smart contract will be releasing tokens at a rate of 50,000 tokens per new content creator. The tokens will be used to convert a small part of incoming advertiser payments into the network from fiat currency into CDX.

We expect that all unsold tokens will be released by the end of 2019. This way the tokens will still be useful but the release process of the tokens will in no way interfere with the token’s market price.