Progress Report 1 1 year ago

It has been two weeks since the end of the initial CDX pre-sale. Back then we promised to update all our followers regarding our progress.

So here it is… the very first progress report.

Software Development

Most effort was spent on making sure that the software development process is started up and the first functional version of our product will be delivered by the end of October. We are on track in this regard.

The adserver development team is working on one end. While the ethereum development team is working on the other end. Both teams will meet in the middle — at the database of our new web portal.

We have come up with some ingenious ways to make our payment system super transparent. It will be truly above and beyond what anyone has ever seen. We are keeping true to our pledge of having a completely open accounting. Anyone will be able to check our incoming and outgoing payments.


We are also in discussions with several external teams that will thoroughly test the functionality and security of our product. We want to be absolutely certain that there are no known ways to exploit any part of our software. Experts with high level security certificates will be doing the testing. This should take place in the month of November, immediately after the first version of the software is delivered.

Sales Team

We have managed to put together a sales team that will work tirelessly during the next 4-6 weeks to reach out to hundreds of potential content creators and advertisers. We have already received dozens of content creator applications. Also, several very well-known advertisers in our niche markets have already agreed to give us a try as soon as we come online.

We are very confident that we will be able to put together a sufficient number of content creator websites and advertisers before the end of this year, so that our ad network will be profitable right from the beginning.