Now Is the Time for a Safe Haven for Alternative Content Creators 1 year ago

A lot of people were shocked by the recent firing of the Google engineer James Damore. In a nutshell, he was fired because he circulated a 10-page document summarizing that there are biological and evolutionary differences between genders. And he proposed ways how to approach the subject in a non-moralizing, factual way, instead of the prevailing highly discriminatory and judgmental way. Basically, he dared to suggest to focus on facts rather than on opinions.

If you want to get into the details, I suggest you read James’ original document. You can also watch Stefan Molyneux and Jordan Peterson (here, here, or here) who dissect the circumstances of and reasons for this firing into incredibly minuscule detail.

You might ask what does this have to do with the the Commodity Ad Network. Well, everything really.

I have given up on Google and largely on all social media about 10 years ago. I have been avoiding social media whenever possible. And I started using DuckDuckGo. I still use Google sometimes but I always use it with a VPN (Virtual Private Network) and a random IP address. I will explain in a minute why this is very important.

The reason I stopped actively using Google and social media was that they didn’t serve their original purpose anymore. Google was initially a search engine with a goal to serve up the most relevant results for a certain set of keywords. Simple enough. Until some executives and their political allies realized what an incredibly powerful tool this could be turned into.

You see, by using Google [the search engine] with consistent parameters (same IP address, same location, same computer, same browser, etc.), you are giving Google [the company] an enormous amount of data about yourself. Data that can calculate your behavioral patterns, your political views, your social structures, your daily schedule, etc… Basically, it can calculate your identity in a more precise way than you could ever define yourself.

And I realized back in 2007 that this is very dangerous. It is very dangerous to give such truly personal information about billions of individuals to one corporation without having any way of controlling what happens to all this information. At this point, the leftists might require more oversight and regulation. To that I say this, the true beneficiary of all that collected information was the NSA. As far as I know, that agency is part of the government. So they had oversight all right. The kinda oversight that only billion dollar companies get that have some data to sell.

And if you feel that I am exaggerating, please, go ahead and read this Intercept article, which will clear things up for you. The numbers of meetings between Google, the government and the military are staggering. The Google/government revolving door is no less eye-opening.

Google has become a branch of government, it’s online arm. It collects everything and feeds the data back to the NSA. Plain and simple.

At this point, the enthusiastic idiot might say – well, what’s wrong with that? Well, everything. It doesn’t stop with data collection either. In the last few years, they went into overdrive and they are now creating the online realities of billions of people. They are creating individualized informational bubbles for each person.

If you and I search for the same keywords using Google, the results might be 100% different. The reason for this is simple: Google serves you results not based on facts, but on your opinions, your personal preferences, your ideologies. Google serves you information that cements the views, ideas, and narratives that you already consider correct, thus narrowing down the universe of information to a tiny bubble around you.

Learn more about the informational bubble here and here.

And since almost all information a person today gets is through Google’s search engine, Google can create a world of information that’s perfectly tailored for your needs. It will not be real. But you will think it’s real. And that’s the point, that’s the pattern that keeps repeating – personal opinions instead of facts, fake reality instead of true reality.

Some might ask, what’s wrong with all that? People are free to use alternatives, if they want to… Yes, they are. And guess what, a lot of people are fed up with the fake reality that’s being created by these elitist types. That’s probably the most important reason that led to Brexit and Trump’s presidential victory.

People are also happy to read alternative news, visit alternative content creator websites, alternative researchers, independent thinkers, etc. So what are the left leaning masters of the virtual online reality doing now? They are targeting exactly these content creators with the express purpose of cutting off their funding, thus eliminating them and their content. They are achieving this through lowering their ad revenues and bleeding them dry, so to speak.

The fact remains that most people are not aware of any of this. But if a website doesn’t appear on the first page of Google’s SERP (Search Engine Results Page), then it might as well not exist. However, the reason it doesn’t appear there is not that nobody is interested in that content, it doesn’t appear there because the content is not aligned with the personal opinions and beliefs of decision-makers inside Google and their friends in the political elite.

Oh, and by the way, I use Google as a shorthand. The same goes, although possibly to a somewhat lesser extent, for Twitter, Facebook and all the rest of them. These few corporations for all intents and purposes control most of the content online.

So, what happens in the actual reality when in the online reality a content creators website doesn’t show up anywhere?

The effects are both direct and indirect. Here is a list of some of them:

1. Without showing up in searches, a website’s traffic falls off a cliff.
2. Without traffic, there is little or no ad revenue.
3. Without showing up in searches, new visitors don’t find the site, so in fact the alternative content creator’s website becomes a ghetto.
4. The quality of content suffers, because without new visitors, there is no one to challenge the author or authors.
5. Quality and quantity of content drops off because there’s little motivation to expend effort for zero revenue – even alternative content creators need to eat and pay their bills.
6. New content creators never start up their own websites because they are fully aware that there is no money to be made in this arena.
7. The whole of society loses out because all information is normalized, people start to self-censor, so that their content doesn’t get blocked or removed – we enter a lite version of Orwell’s 1984.

Can you imagine where this social engineering can evolve in a year or two, if it starts with firing engineers who dare to question the prevailing leftist propaganda? Or if it starts with silencing independent content creators who dare speak out against the powers that be?

The people of the internet gave totalitarian powers to a few corporations. And, surprise, surprise, they are now using these powers to shape our reality. But, honestly, what else did we expect would happen?

The obvious solution is to create a safe haven for alternative content creators that would enable them to make a living off their content. An alternative ad network that wouldn’t censor content creators, on the contrary, would help them spread their message.

As you can see, the Commodity Ad Network project is more about people and less about the awesome techie stuff. But here is the thing. Technology doesn’t change the world by itself. It’s the people that make change happen. That’s why we place our emphasis on the people we want to help. Because these people might end up helping millions of others to wake up. And that’s exactly what the elites are afraid of most.