How to Access Your CDX Tokens 8 months ago

This guide is a continuation of our previously published guide which explained how to take part in the CDX token sale. After you have sent your ether (ETH) to us, here is what you need to do to actually see the CDX tokens you have purchased.

Step 1 — Access Your Ethereum Wallet

Go to MyEtherWallet and use your private key to unlock your wallet.

Step 2 — Set up CDX as a Custom Token at MyEtherWallet

At the bottom right part of the screen, you will find a button called Add Custom Token.

Click on it and it will ask you for three pieces of information: an Address, a Token Symbol, and Decimals.

Add Custom Token to MyEtherWallet

For the address, enter the official CDX token sale address which is cdxnetwork.eth. For the token symbol, enter CDX. And for decimals, enter 18.

Click Save to add the CDX token to your MyEtherWallet’s account balance.

Step 3 — Wait For It…

It might take a while, even a very long while, to see your CDX tokens in your MyEtherWallet. Do not panic, it’s normal.

We have received a lot of requests regarding Exodus. Please, refer to steps 1—3 in this guide to access your CDX tokens in Exodus. Obviously, instead of EOS read CDX.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the token sale or this write-up, please, don’t hesitate to contact us.