CDX Website Was Attacked Today — So They Are Aware of Us 9 months ago

Some of you might have been wondering why was the website down for almost 2 hours today. The reason is simple. The website has received its first denial-of-service attack today. The attack has been ongoing approximately between 4 PM UTC and 6 PM UTC.

This is a kind of attack where a bunch of bots connect to our servers only to overload our systems and prevent legitimate connections from happening.

It was a very strong attack as well. We have DDoS protection implemented, yet it was not enough.

It’s interesting that it took just 48 hours since the launch of our pre-sale to receive an attack like this. I wonder whether this is something that most token pre-sale and ICO websites experience. Or is this something that’s reserved for projects which try to create a safe haven for alternative content creators.

On another note, I want to assure everyone that the attack included only our website. It had nothing to do with our CDX tokens or the ether (ETH) we have received from our pre-sale participants. All tokens rest safely within the blockchain.

You can see for yourself: here you can see the ETH balance growing larger and here you can see the CDX balance being drawn down. Initially, there were 120,000,000 CDX tokens in the balance.

There is still time to support our project. The pre-sale ends on Saturday, September 9, 2 PM UTC.