CDX Pre-Sale Phase II 9 months ago

We have received emails from a lot of people who didn’t have the time to participate in our pre-sale for various reasons. The most often repeated one was that since they have never purchased a crypto currency before, they had to set up new exchange accounts and deposit fiat currency to them. However, this process takes several days to complete.

In other words, if someone has heard about the CDX token pre-sale on Saturday and hadn’t already have some ether (ETH) in their ownership, then it was virtually impossible for them to participate in our pre-sale. Which is a shame because our whole operation is geared towards and supported by people who care about independent content creators and the alternative message.

For this reason, we have decided to launch a CDX Pre-Sale Phase II which will run all the way until September 9 at 2 PM UTC. So it will basically cover the time-frame between now and the start of our ICO.

We want to make sure that everyone who cares about creating an alternative to the corrupt mainstream ad networks have a chance to take part in the CDX project at the ground floor. We don’t have any institutional investors or million dollar private placements. This project is being created by ordinary folks for ordinary folks.

There is still time to support our project. The pre-sale ends on Saturday, September 9, 2 PM UTC.