What Is the Commodity Ad Network

The Commodity Ad Network is a network of creative minds — bloggers, website owners, content creators. Minds that go against the powers that be, who speak out against the corruption of governments and corporate structures. The Commodity Ad Network is here to serve these people who, if given the chance, are capable of changing the thought processes of millions of other minds all over the world. Interestingly, creative minds like these are extremely underpaid. It almost seems as if the very system they keep exposing as fraudulent, corrupt, and outright evil, doesn’t want them to be able to make a good living out of their blogging.

The goal of the Commodity Ad Network is to pair up the correct content creators with the correct advertisers in an ad network that charges advertisers less and pays out to content creators more than any other large ad network. We do this because we believe that only the correct mix of content creators and advertisers is a profitable mix.

The Network token (ticker symbol CDX) is an Ethereum based ERC20 token and it is the life-blood of the Commodity Ad Network. All pay ins from advertisers and pay outs to content creators are always settled in CDX. Since the CDX is a set of smart contracts embedded into the Ethereum blockchain, all payments in CDX are fully transparent. We like this transparency because we declare that we will always share at least 50% of our total ad revenue with our content creators. The blockchain makes our financial dealings open to the public.

Stages of the Commodity Ad Network

In the initial stage, we will set up our own adserver platform which will enable us to serve ads on the websites on participating content creators. These ads will take the form of graphic banners as we all know them, except we won’t allow the annoying kind in our network. This stage will be rolled out in January 2018.

In the next stage, we will focus on creating our own video platform. Content creators will be able to set up their own channels and publish videos without us restricting them in their right to free speech. We will use our adserver platform to serve ads on the video platform as well.

In the following stages, we plan to set up a social media platform as well as our own search engine. All of them will be integrated through our adserver platform. And all of them will follow the same philosophy of 100% privacy and zero censorship.

Business Model

Our business model packages ad views available on all content creator websites and sells them to advertisers at flat fees. Thanks to the appreciation of value inherent to the CDX token, advertisers are able to purchase ad space at lower prices, while the appreciation of CDX already in the token pool benefits the content creators at pay out times.

Unlike other crypto startups that launch ICOs, we are more of a for profit business idea with the blockchain technology added on top of our business model, than the other way around. We believe that technology is not a panacea and without a viable business behind the technology, a startup will fail regardless of the technology involved.

We acknowledge that the technological complexity involved in crypto currencies is currently prohibitive to the average user. We aim to overcome this obstacle by creating a web portal with an online dashboard for our network participants which will simplify and greatly streamline the everyday use of CDX. Our goal is to make the whole process as easy as sending an email.

Since at this point we fully depend on the amount of funds we will receive in the pre-sale and the ICO, we have planned both for a very constrained startup process and for a very resource intensive startup process. We are prepared to deal with both outcomes equally well.

Commodity Ad Network and CDX Reviews and Interviews

How do Content Creators Benefit

The first 300 content creators who sign a binding agreement with the Commodity Ad Network, receive a sign-up bonus worth $1,000 USD paid out in CDX.

Each content creator who signs a binding agreement also receives a minimum monthly revenue target. According to our calculations, the minimum monthly revenue target should be at least twice as much as a content creator currently receives from the largest ad networks. This revenue can never be lower, only higher after additional revenue comes in from newly signed up advertisers.

Content creators are also able to promote their own websites within the network at preferential half-off prices, thus utilizing the network effect and bringing more traffic to their websites.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of content creator niches that would be an extremely good fit for the network:

  • precious metals research
  • precious metals analysis
  • oil and energy research
  • oil and energy analysis
  • forex and financial commentary
  • chartists
  • preppers
  • authors outspoken against TPTB
  • alternative news and media

How Do Advertisers Benefit

Niche advertiser are given the ability to promote their brands, products, and services to an extremely focused and targeted consumer base. Our networked websites’ visitors are highly receptive to great deals, offers, and possibilities in a variety of niche markets. This means that on one hand, the expended ad budget is more likely to create higher conversion rates in comparison to a serve all large ad network. And, on the other hand, there is zero waste of the expended ad budget, as a gold coin dealer’s ad will never show up on a fitness center’s site in our ad network. By displaying ads across a large number of similar niche websites, an advertiser can build brand awareness and trust.

Price-wise, the larger ad view packages an advertiser buys, the lower the price per thousands of ad views. Since we do not employ a price bidding mechanism, advertisers with larger budgets have no upper hand in our ad network. We aim to cater to the specific needs of small and medium advertisers in our preferred niche markets.

How Do Website Visitors Benefit

The Commodity Ad Network offers 100% privacy without compromises. The IP addresses of website visitors, their online behavior, and other similar information are safe with us. We don’t collect and/or sell any metadata ever.

We only cooperate with vetted advertisers, thus making sure that only highly relevant ads are displayed on our content creators’ websites. We don’t allow pop-up ads, automatic sound on ads, and similarly annoying ads in the Commodity Ad Network.

We also try to help our advertisers to create ads that are pleasing to look at while retaining a high conversion value.

CDX Token Functionality

• as a currency within the Commodity Ad Network
• payments coming in from advertisers purchasing ad space
• payments going out to content creators
• payments coming in from content creators who wish to promote their websites within the network at half-off rates
In time, as the network grows, some content creators might decide to start offering their products and services in exchange for CDX tokens. So there might come a time when anyone can use CDX as the native currency in a massive online network.

Calculation of the CDX Token’s Value After 12 Months of Network Up-Time

The base price of a CDX will be set at 1 ETH = 1,500 CDX. During the pre-sale period, thanks to the 100% bonus, the effective price of a CDX will actually be 1 ETH = 3,000 CDX. In dollar terms, given a $300 ETH price, one CDX will be worth $0.10 in the pre-sale and $0.20 at its base price.

According to a number of various calculations, we expect the value of the CDX to rise to anywhere between $4.60 and $17.29 within the first year of the ad network’s up-time. Please, read pages 28 to 30 of the whitepaper for the complete calculations.

However, all our calculations are merely approximations based on logic. Crypto market valuations don’t necessarily follow logic. Our calculations should not be construed as promises. We make no promises of possible gains or returns on the purchase of CDX tokens. Exchanging ETH for CDX tokens should not be construed as an investment or a share in the company’s future profits either. Please, read our terms and conditions for all the legal details.

The Road Ahead

September 2017

• Software and web portal development.

October 2017

• On-boarding of team members.
• CDX token listed on multiple exchanges.

November 2017

• First 300 content creators signed up.
• Live testing network capabilities.

December 2017

• First deals with advertisers signed.

January 2018

• On-boarding of content creators.
• Network goes live with advertisers ads.

February 2018

• First payouts to content creators who were on-boarded in January.

Later in 2018

• Incremental improvements to existing software solutions.

Beyond 2018

• Own exchange and bank set up.
• Own video portal for content creators.
• Own social media portal for content creators.
• Own search engine solution.
• Growth beyond original niche markets.

Pre-Sale and ICO

The pre-sale period started on August 26, 2017 at 2 PM UTC and it will last until 2 PM UTC on September 9, 2017 or until all available CDX tokens are sold, whichever event occurs first. We pay out a 100% bonus to all participants of the pre-sale.

The ICO starts on September 9, 2017 at 2 PM UTC. It will last until 11:59 PM UTC on September 30, 2017 or until all available CDX tokens are sold, whichever event occurs first. Bonuses during the ICO will gradually fall from 50% (on September 9-16, 2017) to 30% (on September 16-22, 2017) to 10% (on September 22-28, 2017) to 0% (on September 29-30, 2017). However, if all available CDX tokens are sold during the pre-sale period, then there will be no ICO.

90 million CDX tokens (75% of all available CDX tokens) will be offered to the public during the whole sale period — pre-sale and ICO together. 30 million CDX tokens will be kept at the company’s crypto wallet.

Know More…

For further details about the Commodity Ad Network, please, read our very detailed, 60 page long whitepaper.