A Quick Update 3 7 months ago

We have seen some impressive trading activity on the CDX token. Since the crypto market by its very nature is private and anonymous, there is no way for us to know what parties and why decided to trade so heavily in CDX right now. It might be a pump-and-dump attempt just the same as it might be genuine interest in the Commodity Ad Network and its goals.

Latest CDX Trading Activity

Currently, our number one concern is finding large, preferably national advertisers who would be happy to support the Commodity Ad Network and its content creator websites. Being a startup in a very specific niche market, this is not an easy task at all. Indeed, it’s extremely difficult even to get our foot in the door with these advertisers. Most of them are fed up with the corruption and money pit-like nature of the online advertisement business and it takes multiple attempts for them to even start hearing us and understand our unique approach.

As of June 1, 2018, we are happy to announce that Schiff Gold is going to become a member of our advertising community. Hopefully, this cooperation will prompt others to join us as well.

Why Buy Gold Now?

If you have any good ideas of large national companies who might be open to a dialogue with us, please, let us know via our Contact Form.

As promised, we are also starting up the development of our own alt-media search engine and alt-media social platform earlier than previously planned. These tools should reach beta status by the end of this year and offer further synergies with our ad network.