10,000,000 CDX Tokens Sold During First Day of Pre-Sale 8 months ago

The pre-sale of the Commodity Ad Network’s CDX token is going well so far. We have managed to sell 10 million CDX tokens during the first day of our pre-sale.

That’s an excellent result given that all we had going for us was word of mouth. No million dollar early placement investments for us. No deals with massive marketing agencies that eventually take 25% or more of all incoming sale funds.

The CDX pre-sale event is one of those rare gems, where mostly the little guys are sending in money. We see a lot of contributions with less than 1 ETH values. And we appreciate those a lot.

We are getting a lot of support via email as well. Look:

I really hope this project takes off and people embrace this technology and begin to acknowledge what a game changer it could be. I’ll share far and wide. Best of luck to you and your team!

It is very important for you to be successful.

I wish I had more to invest!!!

Heard about CDX and I think it’s important for the future of Alt-Media.

Just so glad to participate in your project. I’m a long term loyal fan of the alt media. Glad to participate!

And these are just a few that I copy/pasted in a hurry. The little guys realize how important the Commodity Ad Network project is. They realize what it will mean for them, if they lose their alternative sources of information. They understand that the attack on the alt media led by the mainstream offline and online media is relentless and it will not stop until they shut up everyone who disagrees with their propaganda.

I find it interesting that some alt media personalities take such a lackluster approach to the developments of the last few months. They don’t want to publicly acknowledge the importance of the Commodity Ad Network. Why? Do they think that if they don’t mention us, they won’t get de-monetized by Google and Youtube? They’ll either change their rhetoric completely or they will be de-funded. There is no middle ground here.

But this attitude proves another point I tried to make in a recent blog post and that is that the gatekeepers will succeed the moment alternative content creators start to self-censor. That’s their ultimate goal.

You’ll be watching your mouth, so that you get paid a few cents on the dollar the gatekeepers receive from the advertisers. Or else…

This is the Matrix they have built for us. An online world that is constantly monitored, where every action you make is tracked and archived forever. Where you are being analyzed every millisecond and the results of the analysis are used to create a reality that is personalized for your convenience. It’s fake but you’ll like it because it is what you expect to get. And if you don’t like it or speak out against it, then you are plugged out and shredded. Down the memory hole with you!

Anyway, what I wanted to share with everyone is that we have not spent a penny on advertising yet. And we still sold 10 million CDX in a day. We believe that this is an excellent result.

Having said that, please, reach out to everyone in your circles to contribute to the Commodity Ad Network project. We still have a long way to go to make this project a success. Every bit helps.

Don’t be like those self-censoring, quasi awake “friends” of the alt media. Now is the time to act!