What Is The
Commodity Ad Network?

It is a disruptive ad network of creative minds who speak out against the powers that be.


The Commodity Ad Network Brings Together
Alt-Media Websites, Advertisers, and Website Visitors

How Do Alt-Media Websites Benefit?

We feel strongly about the alt-media message and freedom of speech. We support alt-media websites (a.k.a. content creators) by much higher ad revenues than the large ad networks.

Content creators will also be able to promote their own websites within the ad network at preferential prices, thus utilizing the network effect and bringing more traffic to their websites.

Our goal is to become the gold standard among ad networks. We will support our content creators to make most of the potential of their website layout and content.


How Do Advertisers Benefit?

We provide advertisers with the opportunity to promote their brands, products, and services to an extremely focused audience. By displaying ads across a number of niche websites, advertisers can build brand awareness and trust.

We aim to cater to small and medium advertisers in our niche markets. There is no bidding mechanism, so advertisers with large budgets don’t have the upper hand. Our ad network is likely to deliver higher conversion rates with no waste.

Our goal is to create a network of very high quality niche websites which attract a lot of high-value targeted traffic.

How Do Website Visitors Benefit?

The Commodity Ad Network offers 100% privacy without compromises. Website visitor metadata are safe with us. We don’t collect and sell any metadata ever.

We work with vetted advertisers, thus making sure that only highly relevant ads are displayed on our content creators’ websites. We don’t allow pop-up ads, automatic sound-on ads, and similarly annoying ads in our ad network.

We also try to help our advertisers create ads that are pleasing to look at while retaining high conversion value.

Stages of the Commodity Ad Network

In the initial stage, our goal is to set up our own adserver platform which will serve ad banner campaigns to our content creators’ websites. This stage was rolled out in early 2018.

In the current stage, we are creating our own search engine focused on alt-media content as well as a social media platform.

We will use our adserver platform to serve ads on these platforms as well. All our services will follow our philosophy of 100% privacy and zero censorship.

Our Preferred Niche Markets

Here is a non-exhaustive list of niches that are an extremely good fit for our ad network:

  • websites outspoken against the powers that be
  • precious metals research and analysis
  • oil and energy research and analysis
  • forex research and analysis
  • financial commentary and newsletters
  • sound investing
  • cryptos and blockchain technology
  • prepper and survivalist websites
  • alternative news and media

Our Latest Blog Posts

Commodity Ad Network Roadmap

September 2015

Development of the Commodity Ad Network business model begins.

April 2016

First version of the Commodity Ad Network website goes live.

June 2017

Development of the Commodity Ad Network’s custom software begins.

July 2017

Second version of the Commodity Ad Network website goes live.

August 2017

Public promotion of the Commodity Ad Network begins both online and offline.

October 2017

Reaching out to content creators and advertisers begins.

November 2017

Development and security testing of the first version of the Commodity Ad Network’s custom software and web portal is finalized.

December 2017

Content creators and advertisers signed up. Live testing of the Commodity Ad Network.

March 2018

First payouts to content creators.

March 30, 2018

Quarterly Progress Report for Q1/2018

June 29, 2018

Quarterly Progress Report for Q2/2018

September 28, 2018

Quarterly Progress Report for Q3/2018

December 28, 2018

Quarterly Progress Report for Q4/2018